Crafts gone by: Bush Head Pinata

In Uncategorized on December 9, 2008 at 2:11 am

It’s a typical dreary day: rain spraying up from inept drivers’ wheels while I sit here deciding whether or not to sneak over and turn up the thermostat. However shivery I feel, I can’t help but experience a little warm-fuzziness looking back through old pictures. Three weeks ago, I sold my crappy Dell Latitude with all of my old pictures and stuff still on it. The “accomplished geek” that bought it, sent me a disk yesterday of everything salvaged before he wiped its 4X4drive. Or whatever. Which means he also went through all my business: my berjillion pictures of the one time I went to a college football game, and the Humanities 103 essay, where I tried to use the word ‘quoth’. 

Anyhoo, so I was looking through all of the dorky pictures and documents from freshmen year and found a lovely crap-to-rad project from my dorm days.

This pinata of President George Bush’s head was made for the college democrats, who then decided it was a bad idea to actually break it open. Something to do with decency. . . but Isay, “hey, what about all those ‘Free Hugs’ strumpets, eh?” Well whatever, the pinata is mounted in the college democrats headquarters. I think I heard they were going to riff on the classic ‘two girls one cup’, fill it up with triumphant excrement, and set it on fire on the White House steps. Yea! Victory assholes! That would be fine with me.

All you need is balloons, newspaper and flour paste.  I used a blow dryer to speed up the project, and painted it with acrylics. I remember getting a lot of weird looks from hallmates. Like they have never seen a newspaper effigy of their president before. Odd.





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