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In Uncategorized on December 4, 2008 at 7:08 pm

So here’s another DIY blog. But this one’s a titch diffrent – I make stuff from crap. * Sometimes the stuff made, is just as crappy and useless as its components. There’s something so satisfying about taking something worthless and turning it into something rad. I’m sure all you DIYers are like, “damn straight.”

This blog’s not about bitchin-original projects, more just an archive of crap turned to goodness.  You might be thinking, “gee, for being so hip and creative, you’re using a a blog template found on the fourth page of template options.Hmm . . .” Well folks, I’m just not that computery. And *pssh!* quit frontin’ anyhow, it’s so tacky to throw stones.

So anyhow, on with the show . . .


List of things Made Today:

poached eggs
lint collectorcritter

Today’s exciting project is especially special since it is a thingy to collect crap for another project. For Christmas I’m going to make fire-starters and so I have to accumulate lint, wax and paper egg cartons. In order to encourage my roommates to sacotton mouth cannot be donatedve their laundry, pocket, and bellybutton lint I made this lint-eating critter from a cereal box and a grocery bag. I thought about painting it, and making it really neat, but, I like its obvious recycled quality. Maybe I’ll abandon the fire-starting project, and make some neato lint critters for Christmas.


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